What to Expect

road to camp

Follow the signs to Camp Monterey. Turn into our gate and travel down an old road with a canopy of trees overhead. On the next turn, you see “The Big Hill” and fields on either side of the road. Pass a volleyball court and an open field which we call the “ Fun Field.” You will see the flag pole and woods bordering the field. The Office is the first building you come to. There you find out which cabin you are assigned, who your counselors are and where to go next. You will meet the “Office Lady” and your counselors who take you to your cabin.
On the main road passed the Office is the Dining Hall. We gather there three times a day to sit with our counselors and cabin mates and eat home cooked meals family style. We meet there for other activities too: team meetings, parties and rainy day activities. Our other meeting place is the Lodge. It’s on the far end of the Fun Field from the Office and Dining Hall. The Costume Room is in the Lodge where girls may pick out costumes from past parties and pageants and play “dress-up.”

dining hall

The cabins are in the woods between the Lodge and the Dining Hall and are divided into three camps: Pee-Wee Camp, Junior Camp and Senior Camp. You are in the same camp with other girls in your grade at school. Pee-Wee camp includes all girls up through the fifth grade; Junior camp is for sixth and seventh graders and Senior Camp is for girls in the eighth and ninth grades The “JCs” (Junior Counselors) are our oldest campers. They have finished the tenth grade and live in a cabin apart from the others. J.C.s are leaders in their teams and focus on certain activity areas as they prepare to be on staff the next year.