Camp Monterey Parties

Would you like to learn more about Camp Monterey?

Would you like to meet the Director? Would you like to talk to some of the families whose girls go to Camp? Come to one of our Camp Monterey Parties that are hosted by Camp families across this country. If you are interested in visiting with Miss Keith, campers and their families, contact either Keith or the hostess at the next Camp Party closest to you.

**Due to restrictions regarding Covid-19 and large gatherings, we will not be having our regular Camp Movie Parties this fall.  If we are able to hold them in the winter we will certainly do so, until then, the 2019 Camp Movie and any additional information can be requested at any time by contacting our Director, Keith Alford, by phone at 601-415-3790 or email.  We will miss seeing you all this fall but look forward to the day when we are all back together again at Camp Monterey!


 Miss Keith introducing the movies to campers, alums and new families.


Austin alums gathered with Miss Keith.


Alum Huntley Anderson Kubitza introducing her daughter to Camp at a Houston movie party.