2021 Camp Monterey Updates

September 9, 2020

Dear Camp Monterey Family,

We have been thinking of all of you as schools open during these uncertain times. Know that our prayers are with you and all your family for continued good health and safety and we look forward to welcoming your daughters back to Camp Monterey next summer!    

We have been busy making plans for next year and will have some exciting news to share with you soon! However, we are waiting before confirming our Camp dates so that we may accommodate as many campers as possible and allow them to stay as long as possible by gathering some information from you first. 

Over the last several years, schools all across the country have been shifting from a mostly uniform summer schedule nationwide to quite different schedules in different regions, and COVID-19 is complicating this further. 

We would like to request that you email us with your daughter’s current last day of school before the summer of 2021 as well as the date she is scheduled to go back in the fall. If she has additional required school activities (Orientation, Band or Sports requirements or school extension due to the pandemic), please include those dates if you know them. 

Thank you for responding to this email. We will look at all of your dates, see how schools are opening up this fall, and try to find the schedule that works for the most people. We plan to let you know the new Camp dates for 2021 in October and will send applications at that time.


“Miss Keith”

Phone: 601-415-3790

Email Keith