2022 Camp Monterey Updates

Camp Monterey – 2022 Covid Guidance and Protocols FINAL

While we are hopeful that national COVID-19 levels will remain low, COVID will still be a presence this summer and we must do all we can to prevent COVID from entering Camp, getting anyone sick or forcing an early end to a girl’s time at Camp.

Due to our communal living, Camp is a special environment as it relates to COVID. We are blessed by almost all of our facilities being considered outdoors and well-ventilated. However, living together in close quarters necessitates additional precautions.

We continue to work closely with the American Camp Association and with guidelines from the CDC to reopen Camp as safely as possible this summer, but in order for Camp to stay open, we need to get everyone into Camp COVID-free. This will take the help of every family.

The first and most effective step in slowing COVID infection and spread is vaccination. This year we request that all our Campers be fully vaccinated prior to arrival. The CDC defines full vaccination as a two-dose series of the vaccine and, for anyone 12 and over, a two-dose series and a booster. Full vaccination is our best prevention against the spread of COVID-19 as well as severe illness. Please attach a copy of your daughter’s COVID vaccination card to her Health History form as well as the enclosed Pre-Camp Screening form.

Testing will be a big part of our COVID mitigation strategy at Camp. Thorough testing will allow us to relax other in-camp protocols like masking (provided transmission levels remain low) and will make for a more “normal” Camp session. Each Camper will be required to bring two over-the-counter rapid COVID-19 tests with them to Camp for each two weeks they will be at Camp. Please label these tests with your child’s name and have them easily accessible, as they will need them upon arrival.


For the 10 days prior to coming to Camp, please limit your activities as much as possible and avoid large indoor gatherings. If at any time during this 10-day period, a member of your household exhibits symptoms, becomes ill, or has been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19, please notify Camp so that we may work with you to mitigate the risk to Camp and your Camper. Any Camper testing positive inside 14 days of arrival will not be admitted to Camp but can request an alternate session if available.

Everyone will be required to have a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of coming to Camp
, regardless of vaccination status. You must bring this paperwork with you on opening day. This test result can be a paper from a doctor’s office or laboratory. If using an over-the-counter test, please bring a dated photo of your child taking the test, as well as a dated photo of the result. If your Camper has tested positive for COVID inside the past 90 days, a doctor’s letter clearing her to come to Camp will be required, but she will not need the pre-camp test in this case.

Upon arrival, we will have a testing station set up and your daughter will do her first rapid test there prior to admittance into Camp. You may administer the test yourself or our Camp Staff may assist you. The Camp Nurse will then keep her additional test(s) for her to use later in her session. Campers staying at Camp longer than a two-week session will be re-tested at this time.

Three days after the start of each two weeks, we will test each Camper again using their second rapid test brought to Camp. Our Sr. Staff or Camp Nurse will perform these tests.

Any additional tests required while at Camp will be changed to a Camper’s account on a per-test basis at $15.00 per test.


Our hope is that with vaccination, combined with limiting pre-arrival activities and a strict testing protocol, we can have a Camp that looks much more like previous summers. We plan to eat together in our Dining Hall, gather in larger groups, take outdoor trips outside of Camp, and mix ages freely. COVID will be present, and this is a risk you should consider as a family. If these protocols make you uncomfortable, please contact the Camp office and we can cancel your session and refund your tuition. We want each family to feel comfortable participating according to these protocols.

Masks: Provided transmission levels remain low, we do not plan to utilize masking except when in contact with others from outside Camp on out-of-Camp trips. If there is a positive COVID case in Camp or if transmission levels increase, masking will be considered. We do ask that you send your daughter with at least 10 masks in case we need to change the protocols. Masks must be either surgical-grade masks or cloth masks with at least three layers. Make sure to write your daughter’s full name on each mask.

Symptom monitoring: Monitoring will continue throughout Camp. If anyone shows symptoms of COVID-19, they will be quarantined until the nurse clears them to return to their cabin. COVID-19 testing will be used to screen for the virus and to determine whether arrangements will need to be made for the Camper to return home.

Positive COVID test: Should your daughter test positive for COVID while at Camp, please have arrangements in place so they could be picked up from Camp inside 24 hours of a positive test by either yourself or someone you assign. If your daughter must leave Camp due to a positive COVID test, her tuition will be refunded on a prorated basis. Parents of Campers who have had “close contact” with the COVID-19-positive camper will be notified promptly. A “close contact” will be considered anyone in her cabin.

Quarantine: As per the CDC, a vaccinated camper or staff member who has had “close contact” with a positive case of COVID does not have to quarantine and may remain in Camp, participating in all activities unless they are symptomatic. However, an unvaccinated Camper who has had “close contact” must quarantine for 5 days (and then mask for an additional 5 days at all times) which, for Camp, would become a 10-day quarantine as we cannot provide safe distance unmasked when sleeping and eating with others. Unvaccinated Campers required to quarantine will be asked to leave Camp for this 10-day period. They may return at the end with a negative COVID test or they may return for another session if available. However, a refund of tuition will not be made. Please consider this risk if your child is not fully vaccinated and contact the Camp office if you choose to not attend Camp.

If any Camper tests positive at Camp, the general Camp population may increase precautions (separate further, wear masks more frequently) to reduce the possibility of a Camp outbreak. Should there be a Camp outbreak and we need to end the session, all campers must be picked up inside 24 hours of closure. Refunds will be made on a prorated basis. Determination on whether we will open for additional sessions will be made as soon as possible.

The best thing we can do to prevent a COVID case at Camp is for everyone to come to Camp COVID- free. It will take the commitment of everyone residing with you to ensure that your daughter comes to Camp with no COVID contact to make our bubble secure and our summer at Camp Monterey a success. Precautions will need to be practiced by your entire household for the 10 days prior to coming to Camp. One person carrying the virus into Camp could cause a Camp Monterey summer to end for all of our girls. Thank you for all you are doing to help us keep our 77th summer at Camp Monterey as safe and healthy as possible!