COVID-19 Update

May 17, 2020

Dear Camp Monterey Family, 

We thank you for your patience as we have waited for guidance from the CDC, the American Camp Association, camp officials and other governing agencies and worked to find safe practices that could be put in place and still keep Camp like Camp.  In the end, however, the social distancing guidelines and restrictions on large gatherings that will protect our community make the available solutions very limited.  So, it is with a very heavy heart that we have made the decision to cancel all of the Camp Monterey summer season for this year.

The spirit of Camp does not live in a place but inside each of you.  Like the silver Cup given at the Banquet each summer, you girls grow and flourish in the light each of you brings with you to Camp.  Like the shiny Cup, that spirit glistens and, like the silver itself, it resists corrosion.  We may not be together at Camp this summer but you will still shine in the world around you and we will still share our light with each other.  You cannot separate the bond Camp Monterey girls share, no matter how many miles you may put between us. I know you girls to be resilient, giving of yourselves and able to help one another when needed.  Be there for your friends, remembering Miss Dollie’s words: “It doesn’t matter what happens to you, but how you take it.”  

We will keep the fire lit until we meet again and look forward to being together next summer where we will greet one another with great hugs, hold hands when we sing and huddle together under a blanket on a cold evening.  We will continue to be in touch with you, and you must stay in touch with each other.  Your unit is like an extended family; there are no friends in the world like Camp friends who know the best in you and will always cheer you on.  Be grateful for one another and be well.   

Any payments already made for this summer may be rolled over to next summer or returned as a full refund.  If you choose to roll over your payments, you will still have the option to cancel if plans change and receive a full refund prior to April 1st, 2021.  Please email us at or call  (601) 415-3790 if you would like to request a refund.   

It will be longer than we wished, but we will all be together again next summer.  We will rejoice in our reunion and all the more thankful for the cherished time together.

With love until we see you again,  

“Miss Keith”

May 8th, 2020

Dear Camp Family,
Over the past weeks, we have been watching the updates and recommendations concerning COVID-19 from the American Camp Association along with the CDC and the Tennessee Department of Health, and we have made the difficult decision to cancel the First Session of Camp, June 16th – July 13th . Further guidance is expected from the CDC and American Camp Association in the coming weeks concerning residential summer camps. At that time, we will give you more details about the safe practices and health protocols that will be in place. We hope to proceed with the second four-week session starting on July 14th .
For those of you registered for the First Session, we hope that you are able to join us Second Session instead. First priority will be given to girls who have attended Second Session previously (if you have not registered, please do so now via email), and we will then begin to accept girls who are requesting to move from First Session. Four-week campers will be given priority.
We have attached a form that we ask EVERY PARENT to fill out and return to us as soon possible, even if your daughter is currently registered for Second Session. The size of Camp may be limited but we will work to accommodate as many of you as possible. We will also be extending our refund policy until July 1st . If you cancel prior to
July 1st , you will receive the option of a full refund (including the deposit) or the option to roll over your tuition to 2021. If you choose to roll over your tuition, you will be considered paid in full for the 2021 season regardless of possible tuition increases and will remain eligible for a full refund up until April 1st , 2021. We are also extending our tuition balance deadline to June 15th .
Lastly, if you have been impacted financially in such a way that prevents your daughter’s return, please let us know. We are happy to work with any family. We do not want finances to be the reason your daughter cannot come to Camp if she would like to return.
Please tell your girls we are thinking of them and missing them. Reassure them we will be there for them when the time is right.
Do not hesitate to reach out. We will continue our plans and preparations to open Camp, and we will continue our communication with you as the situation develops and we know more. We pray for continued health and safety for all.
Camp Monterey Board joined by “Miss Keith”, phone 601-415-3790

April 20, 2020

Dear Camp Monterey Family,

We wanted to be in touch with you as we continue to see how the current pandemic may affect the summer at Camp Monterey.  We wish we could assure you that the gates will be open for the whole summer season as planned, but we cannot safely say that at this point.  Though restrictions are beginning to ease in some places, there is simply not enough information about what the future looks like yet.  We know that the girls need Camp this summer–now, more than ever!–and we want to be there for them, but we also want them safe. 

If it is clear that it is safe to have Camp on schedule, we will be ready.  In the meantime, we continue to put health and travel protocols in place and prepare to adjust should we need to.  If necessary, cancellations will be made on a session-by-session basis.  

We understand that you need time to make plans for your children and therefore we will make a determination on the first session by May 10th at the latest.  

Additionally, we are extending the tuition payment deadline to May 15th.  We do ask that you please send all remaining tuition balances by then.  Should we have to cancel at any point after that, full refunds will be issued.  We understand that these are unusual times and finances may be unsure.  If you are unable to make the complete payment at that time, please be in touch with us by May 15th.  We are happy to work with each family to set up a payment plan or find a solution, so please feel free to call.

Our prayers are with each of you and your girls. We so look forward to seeing everyone again in the hills of Tennessee and will be in touch again soon.


“Miss Keith”

Cell phone #601-415-3790 

April 2, 2020

Dear Camp Monterey family, 

Spring is definitely here in Mississippi. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and predictably, the temperature is swinging up and down dramatically day by day. We know to keep our sweater nearby for a cool evening, but we don’t know what tomorrow will bring with the rapacious spread of COVID-19 or how it will affect our plans for Camp Monterey this summer. 

We are keeping our Camp family close to our hearts as news of this virus spreads and pray that all of you stay well. We want to thank those of you who have written to ask if we were all right and especially thank those working on the frontlines tending the sick while providing safety for their own families. Please know that all of you are in our prayers.

While we remain eager to prepare for a full summer of Camp this season, it is hard to predict how the rapidly evolving situation will impact Camp. We wish we could tell you what the future holds for the coming months, but there is simply not enough information at this point. The Camp Monterey Board of Directors continues to be in close conversation with the Tennessee Department of Health and will follow the guidance of the American Camping Association and recommendations from the Center for Disease Control concerning COVID-19. 

If you have not yet registered for Camp this season, we would ask that you please go ahead and register your camper so that we may make plans with her in mind.  That would help us a great deal in preparing for the summer.  

We are extending our refund policy.  Registration fees and tuition payments will now be available for refund up until four weeks prior to your daughter’s arrival.  If your financial situation has suddenly shifted or is unclear at this time, please be in touch with us, we are happy to work with you to find a solution.  More than ever, our girls need their Camp friends! They need the out-of-doors and the comfort and peace of mind that comes from living simply.  We do not want finances to be the reason a girl who has been coming to Camp cannot return. These are times unlike any we have seen before.  We understand, and want to work with you.  Please call Marion Williams if you have questions about tuition or may need assistance (917-892-9290).  We always say that Camp is a family and we mean it, but now it could not be truer.  You are our family and we want to support you as you have supported us for so long.

In the event that we need to cancel, we will do that on a session-by-session basis.  If the session in which your camper is enrolled must be cancelled, we will offer any available spots in the following sessions and we will work to accommodate as many girls as possible.  

If the full season is cancelled or if you are unable to accommodate a change, we will give you the option of rolling over your tuition to next summer or give you a full refund.  If you do choose to roll over tuition payments, you will be considered paid in full regardless of any tuition increases for 2021.  Additionally, you would still be eligible for a full refund, including your registration fee, anytime prior to April 1, 2021.  Our preference would be to roll your tuition to 2021 and start planning for your daughter’s return to Camp Monterey. 

We love our campers and want to see them back at Camp next summer!  If you have ANY concerns or special circumstances, please don’t hesitate to call. We understand the impact that this pandemic has on each family will be very different.  Your daughter is our first priority and we are here and happy to work with you in whatever way is best for your child.  Camp will be ready whenever the time comes, and we will look forward to seeing your daughter with us again in Tennessee whenever it is safe for her to come!

We will be in touch again in a few weeks with another update on the season.  Until then, please feel free to call, text or email anytime.  In the meantime, enjoy the gift of time with your children, stay safe and reassure them that Camp will always be there for them and that we are thinking of each of them. 

We are reminded at this time of one of the Camp blessings we sing before a meal: 

“For health and strength and daily food,

We give Thee thanks, oh Lord.  For health.”  

That simple blessing is our prayer for all of you.  


“Miss Keith”

Phone: 601-415-3790