There are two teams at Camp Monterey

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Names are drawn to determine which team a new camper will be on so everyone belongs to a team. It doesn’t matter which one a girl is on: her best friend may be on the other team. What matters is that, as a member, she will stretch herself to do things that she might not otherwise do. Teams provide many opportunities for girls to work together for a common goal and to take on leadership roles. The teams are guided by the older members who shoulder the responsibilities of teaching the team traditions to the younger campers.

Both teams give a Party during the summer. The party has a theme, and everyone goes in costume. The girls paint murals which transform the Lodge and Dining Hall. Campers make up the dances, songs and skits for the party.  They are giving the party for the other team and make it a special evening full of laughing and singing.

Volleyball and Kickball
Team competition goes all summer with Junior/Pee Wee games on Tuesday nights and Senior Volleyball on Friday nights. At the end of the game, the teams sing a song lauding the other team and congratulates their opponents on a game well-played.

The Meets
On the last week of Camp, the teams compete for team points in all athletic activities. The Meets include Canoeing, races and form; Tennis, Badminton; Archery; Sailing; Swimming, races, form and diving; and Horseback Riding.

The Banquet
At the end of the summer, the teams are commended for their sportsmanship and tremendous effort and finally, the team that wins the Cup is announced. The teams sing traditional songs to each other after the winner is known. Everyone hugs and congratulates the other team.