Special Days

During the course of the summer, there are special days that stand out from the rest.

There are parties and games and costumes and fun!

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Peanut Party
Peanut Party is where we hunt for peanuts, play games and make new friends.

The Rodeo is in the afternoon of the second Sunday of First Session. Campers ride horses in different events, bobbing for apples, riding in costumes, balancing a potato on a spoon.

4th of July
The Fourth of July is very special at camp and we celebrate the whole day. We elect a “Miss Columbia” and an “Uncle Sam” from the tallest girls in camp to preside over the festivities. There is a marathon in the morning and a swimming contest in the afternoon with watermelon served afterwards. After dark we have a torch lit canoe formation and fireworks.

At the end of First Session, the campers put on a Pageant for the visiting parents. This is a story in which all the campers take part, acting, dancing or singing. Staff make costumes and props and paint scenery.

Smile Day
Camp Birthday is another day of celebration. We dress in bright clothes and parade in the Dining Hall. It is also called “Smile Day.”

Horse Show
Horse Show is a juried riding exhibition at the end of Camp. An outside judge awards place winners and determines our Grand Champion for the summer.

The Banquet
The Banquet is a celebration of all we have done during the summer. We give awards handmade by staff members for high achievement in every activity and recognize the campers who exhibit leadership skills, good character and a positive attitude in all they do.