Camp Life

The day begins with the wake-up bell. Each camper has a small job to do in the cabin before she goes to flag line. Older girls take turns aiding the tables in the Dining Hall. When the flag is up, breakfast is ready to serve.

Then morning activities begin when they learn new skills and/or work to improve the ones they have. Formal instruction is offered in: Canoeing, Sailing, Swimming, Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Archery, Woodworking, Pottery, Crafts, Guitar and Horseback Riding.

After the morning activities, the campers have lunch, followed by mail call and a rest hour, a good time to read or write letters or rest from the morning’s activities. When the bell rings for rest hour to be over, the girls may go to any of the activities open in the morning. Free swim is always offered in the afternoons.

Week Night Schedule:

Monday night: Team meetings
Tuesday night: Junior games and Senior outings
Wednesday night: Campfire
Thursday night: Junior camp outings
Friday night: Senior Volleyball game
Saturday night: a fun night with an all camp game or unit party
Sunday night: vespers


During the course of the summer, there are several special days that standout from the rest. There are parties and games and costumes and fun!
There are two teams at Camp Monterey, the Nolichuckies and the Wataugas. Names are drawn to determine which team a new camper will be on so everyone belongs to a team. It doesn’t matter which one a girl is on: her best friend may be on the other team. What matters is that, as a member, she will stretch herself to do things that she might not otherwise do. Teams provide many opportunities for girls to work together for a common goal and to take on leadership roles. The teams are guided by the older members who shoulder the responsibilities of teaching the team traditions to the younger campers.