Hello, My name is Constance Keith Alford (“Miss Keith” at Camp).  I have been the Director of Camp Monterey for over 15 years. I will be answering your phone call or email about our Camp, so I want to welcome you to our web site and encourage you to contact me.

I came to Camp Monterey in 1957 as a camper (Keith Rogers) when “Miss Dollie” Williams, the founder, was director.  I was a counselor in the ‘60s and then a member of the Senior Staff for eleven years while my daughter attended Camp Monterey and my son was a camper at Camp Country Lad.

As a parent, I wanted my children to spend their summers constructively, but in a totally different environment from school and be outdoors as much as possible. From my own experience I knew they would be  under superb adult leadership and  have the best possible role models in counselors and staff at the Williams’ camps. They would have the opportunity to develop their own strengths, learn new skills, and make friends with children from all over the country.  They both look back on their days at Camp as some of their most cherished memories.

I hope you will give me a call, or write me an email for more information. I would love to talk with you about Camp Monterey!

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