Camp Philosophy

The philosophy of Camp Monterey is founded on the belief that our camp experience provides opportunities for a girl to learn valuable lessons that will make her a better, happier person. This philosophy is based on:

Living Simply.

kayak dock

The Kayak Dock

Campers are sent an equipment list before they come to camp. If they forget something which is not a personal essential, we tell them what our founder, “Miss Dollie” said to us, “Tell me what you need, and I will tell you how you can do without it.”
Rustic camping teaches resourcefulness. We encourage the campers to think of new ways to solve problems or consider what they think they need. Having fewer things to worry about opens up more opportunities to have fun with others.

Appreciating the Beauty of Nature.

Camp Monterey has trails for hiking and horseback riding in forests of Hemlock, Pine and Rhododendron along Hurricane Creek. The cabins and Dining Hall are built in the woods facing the lake. Campers take outings to the nearby Obey River, swim in the lake, and sleep out under the stars weather-permitting. Rainy days are as fun as sunny ones; campers may play games, pick blackberries, go on a hike and maybe “slip” in the mud.

Discovering Talents and Accomplishing Goals.

Many of the activities at Camp Monterey have ranks which give the girls an opportunity  to not only learn a new skill but also advance. For many, this is the first opportunity they have had to learn to handle a boat or ride a horse or work with clay. They may take up to seven activities during morning classes and have the chance to develop and learn more about their favorite skills during free periods in the afternoons.

Having Fun.

Camp Monterey girls have fun in ways they never dreamed they would. Dressing up in funny clothes from the Costume Room for skits and parties, picking blackberries and making a cobbler over a camp fire, and singing in the Dining Hall after every meal are just a few of the many ways that make camp so much fun.


Sunset at Monterey

Strengthening Moral and Spiritual Values.

Our program is planned with the total development of the child in mind, realizing that the greatest benefits are often the intangible ones–love of the out of doors and friendship. We strive to give our girls an opportunity to live in an atmosphere of simplicity, to provide opportunities to build character and to make them aware of our Creator through the beauty of nature. We encourage cooperation and teamwork and foster the belief that developing a girl’s God-given talents, teaching her by example to help others, and making lasting friendships are the keys to a happy life for her. Church services and evening vespers on Sundays are among the favorite activities at Camp. The older girls meet with Miss Keith and Miss Claire in “Church-planning” once a week to pick stories, poems and songs from our Camp favorites in deciding themes and planning services.

Leading by Example.

Leading by example is an integral part of Camp Monterey. The older campers and staff know how important it is to be the best they can be especially for the younger campers who look up to them and often want to be like them. In the staff handbook, there is this reminder:
Sometimes we may not realize that everything we do affects not only our lives, but touches others too. A single happy smile can brighten up the day for anyone who happens to be passing by your way. And a little bit of thoughtfulness that shows someone you care creates a ray of sunshine for both of you to share.


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